Suzanne Dunn

Step Instructor, Personal Trainer

Suzanne Dunn has always been an athlete, so taking the step to become a group fitness instructor seemed like a natural move.

“Once I graduated high school, I took a certification to become a group aerobics instructor,” she says. “From there, it just escalated into personal training, health coaching, and a certified running coach.”

The Exeter resident has been training clients at THRiVE since 2008, where she also teaches Step Aerobics, Bosu, Strength, Cardio Mix, and Couch to 5k.

Suzanne follows a simple, but sustainable, approach with personal training clients: Eat. Move. Live. “Eat, to nourish your body with vital nutrients. Move, to be ready and able to walk, run, jump, and play. Live, to break to the chains of disease, obesity, stress, and fatigue. Everyone needs to learn what to eat so, they can move, and so they can live.”

Suzanne has several group fitness certifications, as well as advanced degrees in nutritional counseling and health coaching.

Suzanne tells new clients that fitness has many moving parts including cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance. “They all count towards a stronger body and mind. Start slowly, minimizing injury and avoiding loss of motivation, until you are properly familiar with all the moving parts,” she says. “it is the small steps that will lead you to success. Don’t try to overhaul your entire life at once. Every step is progress.”

Suzanne describes THRiVE as an extremely welcoming fitness community with its members’ best interests at heart. “It’s women helping women to become greater than they ever imagined. You can’t get better than that.”