Dana Rossignol

Instructor, Trainer

Dana Rossignol's own weight loss journey led to her current work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Thrive.

"Several years ago, I lost a substantial amount of weight and decided that I wanted to enter the world of health and wellness to help others. I understand how hard starting and staying committed to that journey can be."

Dana, a Newmarket resident, has been with Thrive since 2012. In addition to personal training, she also teaches TurboKick and HIITs at the Barre.

“My goal, as an instructor, and trainer, is to help you set reasonable and attainable goals with a sustainable plan,” Dana says. “I provide support, motivation, and direction, so that you do not feel alone.”

Dana is also a certified NCCPT personal trainer, certified Weight Management Specialist, Certified Medical Assistant, certified instructor, coach, runner, and mother of boys.

“I take a whole body approach, because there are so many areas that should be factored into your plan,” she says. “My experience in the medical field also helps when dealing with unique medical needs.”

The hardest part of starting a fitness routine can be taking the first step. “Thrive provides an incredibly welcoming and supportive environment. We are with you. We want you to succeed. You aren’t just another face in the crowd here. We will celebrate your victories with you,” she says. “It’s time to set that initial goal and make a plan.”